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Facts about Bulgaria

Population: 7 504 868
Workforce: 4.6 million
Capital: Sofia
Time zone: UTC/GMT +2 hours
Area: 110 910 square kilometers / 42 822 square kilometers
Languages: Bulgarian - official language 85.2%,
Currency: - Bulgarian lev (BGN), pegged to the euro at 1.95583
Taxes on personal income: 10%
Corporate tax: flat 10%
VAT: 20%
Form of government: Parliamentary Republic
Bulgarian Parliament: National Assembly with 240 members
Executive: Council of 17 Ministers (head: Prime Minister)
Infrastructure: 5 Motorways;
                         230 Railway stations with capability of loading/unloading cargo
                         4 international airports
                         2 major seaports on the Black Sea
                         4 major river ports on the Danube
                         60 industrial zones
Member of EU since 2007


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