Tallconsult is your trusted partner for spreading your business in Bulgaria!  We provide a wide range of services, guiding you to discover profitable possibilities in Eastern Europe. Expand your network and find more opportunities to decreases operational costs or outsource professional services! 



Outsourcing opportunities

Are you already running a well-established business or have you just completed the production cycle of your top-rated product? Whatever stage your business might be, today it could make a financial difference if you decide to successfully profit from a low cost market. To outsource products or services you need to have a very good understanding of the risks and specifics, therefore - trusted intermediate partner required.

We will select your local partner strickly following your reuirements. With Tallconsult you can rely on transparency about the most suitable outsourcing opportunities. Before taking high-risks of approaching new market, talk to our team first. Our applied experience, methods and trusted network will support you to find the right people, price & place to profit of market with unique products & services in Bulgaria as well as in wider Eastern Europe. Thus includes:

  • Outsourcing opportunity analysis
  • Market and partner research
  • Coordination and Quality Surveillance


Spread your business in Bulgaria