Tallconsult is a trusted partner for spreading your business in Bulgaria!  We provide a wide range of services, guiding you to discover profitable possibilities in Eastern Europe.   

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About Bulgaria


10% corporate income tax


€ 616 average monthly salary


20% VAT


10% personal income tax


0,080 €/kWh electricity price for industrial users


9,89 €/GJ gas price for industrial users


€39,940 billion GDP


4,6 million labor force


53 universities, colleges and higher schools

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Dynamic environment nowadays brings new opportunities and Tallgroup embraces them with enthusiasm. Tallconsult was launched in order to reveal them for all prospects who look for the right moment or partner to take a step forward in Bulgaria.

Tallconsult is established with the sole purpose to support in the internationalization process. This enables each company to achieve a level of growth, otherwise not possible, particularly by:

→ getting exposure to new ideas and opportunities

→ improving the profile or credibility of businesses

→ reducing dependence on a single or small number of markets

→ making better use of existing capacities abroad

→ extending the life of products

To combine forces with trusted companies abroad, being in some way connected - either by operating in the same industry or through an inherent role in a particular supply chain - is one of most effective ways to spread the business over barriers. It also facilitates the exchange of information and talents among the competing companies and boosts mutual progress.

Tallconsult is founded to harvest together with you from this vast field of opportunities.

“As an intermediate you were trying to find the best solutions. To be clear from my side I rather like to work with you than any other company.”


Marc-Joost Mulder

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